In a students’ house

Do you want to experience everything a students’ life has to offer? Then living in a students’ house is something for you. The formation in the houses and the number of people varies. One thing is for sure, there is always company. In many houses people cook and go out together. And (theme) parties are frequently organized.


There are student associations that have their own houses, but you can also go to ‘SJHT’ (‘Stichting Jongerenhuisvesting Twente’, foundation for youth housing in Twente).



There are plenty of student rooms for rent on the only university campus of the Netherlands. Everything you need can be found on the campus: a supermarket, a sports centre, physiotherapist, family doctor, dentist, hairdresser and bookshop. You can also find a cultural centre at the Vrijhof that regularly provides performances and courses. Events are organized regularly.

To qualify for a room on the campus, you need to be registered at ‘de Veste’. The registration is free. As soon as you are registered, you can look for a room. An advantage of de Veste is that they do not work with waiting lists. When there is a room that meets your requirements, you can react straight away.


de Veste Studentenhuisvesting

Telephone: +31-(0)529 45 25 88
E-mail: [email protected]


The Student Union also mediates in the search for rooms, both at the campus and in the city.



If you want to be close to the central station, shops, cafés and restaurants, you’d best look for a room in the centre.

When you are looking for a room in Enschede, you can register at ‘SJHT’ (‘Stichting Jongeren Huisvesting Twente’, foundation for youth housing in Twente). You can also look for a room yourself at When you are a member of a student association or would like to become one, you can also look for a room via your association.

Depending on your choice, it is possible that you are invited to ‘view as a guest’ (‘hospiteren’ in Dutch). This simply means that a number of (future) students are invited to view the room and meet the roommates. In the end the current residents choose who they would like to have as a new roommate. This means that it is possible that you are rejected sometimes, but don’t give up. When you are true to yourself, you will find the ideal room with the ideal housemates.


Stichting Jongeren Huisvesting Twente

Telephone: +31-(0)53-4320437
E-mail: [email protected]