Roombeek Cultuurpark

Roombeek is a cultural park where inhabitants and visitors can stroll from one location to another. Here you can relish in the diverse cultural exhibitions; from medieval art to cultural heritage and from natural history to the more contemporary art forms. MORE INFO

Shopping in Enschede

As a welcoming shopping city, Enschede offers the most versatile choice of shops in the eastern Netherlands. The street market attracts a lot of visitors every week from the region and from across the German border. The city centre has a lot to offer for a day of shopping. A pleasant mix of department stores, boutiques and catering establishments. Here you will find everything you need in the area of fashion, gadgets, interior and lifestyle. MORE INFO




University and Embassy try to attract students from the west


The University of Twente and the Embassy for the Twente region in Amsterdam are collaborating to attract students from classes 5 and 6 VWO to continue their studies in Twente. In order to achieve this, a so called “Pop-up University” is being set up where several activities are being organised for specific student groups.


During the year, the University of Twente has two “open-days” where (incoming) students can get to know the University. The number of students attending the University in 2016 has increased with 25% against the previous year. With this increase, Twente University belongs to one of three largest growing University in the Netherlands. The main reason for this increase is the additional inflow of foreign students. From these same numbers, it appears that students from the west of the Netherlands is limited.


“We’ve noticed that students from the west of the Netherlands don’t really focus on other parts of the country such as the east. Which is a shame. Since we have a number of study courses that are not available in the western part of the Netherlands”, says the spokesman of the University of Twente, Erik van Dijk. “With this Pop-up University we try to show the students the possibilities we have in the East-Netherlands.”


Twente Embassy brings Twente closer

The first activity of the Pop-up University will take place at the Twente Embassy located on the Herengracht 450 in Amsterdam. “Right in the city centre, and approachable”, says director Danny the Vries of the Twente Embassy. “At this location, students can have a taste of studying in Twente, close to home. This ties in with what we are trying to accomplish at the embassy here in Amsterdam. To bring Twente closer.”





Pre-symposium VeerStichting


Laptops, tablets, smartphones: Today we can connect to everyone, everywhere within a few seconds. Through this global connection we have acces to every recent development and to let our own opinion be heard. Despite this global connection, society seems to disintegrate into several separate clusters that distinguish themselves with ‘indisputable’ stances: Nationalists versus globalists, religion versus atheism, ethnic clashes or just a heated discussion. Polarization can be found on a much greater scale these days. Although we are more connected than ever before, it looks as if we’re not on the same page anymore. OFF-LINE: Are you still connected?


The focus of this evening is on the technological developments in the area of information supply, questioning whether we can look to the future without worry. Are we OFF-LINE as a society?


Lecturers and poets will approach this question from a political, ethical and social stance, after which there is room for discussion on how to counter this dissension. It will be an interesting and interactive adventure filled with provocative lectures and inspiring intermezzi. At the same time, information will be provided about the Veerstichting and how you can enroll as a student for the two-day symposium taking place in September. The event will conclude with an option to socialize while enjoying a drink sponsored by Novel-T.


Want to stay up to date about the lecturers, chair-people and interludes of the night? Check out the Facebook event.


We hope to welcome you to this event, accessible for all students in Enschede!


19:30 entry with coffee and/or tea
20:00 start programme
22:00 conclusion and drinks


When: Wednesday 29 March, 20:00-22:00, entry 19:30.
For who: All students in Enschede
Where: Raadzaal Enschede (Langestraat 24) close to de Oude Markt
Costs: Nothing at all!