Tapasbar El Corru

The tapas at El Corru not only have that authentic Spanish flavour from Spain, but also a personal touch from the Aristayeta family. At Tapasbar El Corru you feel the warmth, sincerity and sociability during diner that you might have experienced in Spain.


In the birthplace of Manuel Aristayeta, Comillas, there is a convivial public square where the villagers meet; El Corru. Comillas is located in the North-Spanish province of Cantabria. Manuel grew up here and spend his youth in happy memories and fun. But the most important thing he learned was to enjoy the Spanish dished served on El Corru. The method of preparing these traditional recipes (tapas) Manuel took with him to Enschede so you can enjoy them in his own tapasbar, aptly named El Corru, what else!