Want to go for a drink with your friends? Or perhaps a bite to eat with your family. A romantic diner with your significant other? The bars and restaurants in Enschede offer something for every occasion. Surrounding a church that has its roots in medieval times, and now serves as an exclusive location for parties and events, are a number of cafés, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. In the small streets spreading from the ‘Oude Markt’ you’ll find other restaurants and bistros with a more intimate atmosphere.


A common phenomenon in Enschede is the ‘Daghap’ which is a sort of Daily Special that restaurants have on offer. For a fixed and reasonable price several restaurant offer a main course (and sometimes a starter and/or dessert); often a dish that changes daily or weekly and is tied in with the season. You can ask what the Daghap is at the restaurant, or check the Dutch website www.hapdedag.nl, which features some of the restaurants in Enschede.


De Oude Markt

De Oude Markt is the most convivial café terrace in the eastern Netherlands. Surrounding the ‘Grote Kerk’ are several cafés, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. The pleasant atmosphere on the main square makes it the ideal location for events and activities that are being organized throughout the year. And as soon as the temperature rises and the sun starts shining, the thousands of seats on the café terraces are all occupied immediately. In the evening the restaurants and bars offer a great place for socializing and enjoying yourself.


Twentsche Foodhal

The Twentsche Foodhal is the new food experience in the region, where you can eat and drink without any fuss. The Foodhall consists of 1,000 m2 enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have arranged seven different kitchens for you to choose from. Honest dishes based on beautiful local and sustainable products are prepared for you. And because they continuously change the range, every visit is always surprising!



Visitors to the library AND the city centre can visit Stoet for coffee, lunch, cakes, pies and tasty sandwiches. There’s space for everyone in the homely décor. There’s a kids-corner, a place for relaxation and cosy tables (with power supply for your laptop).


Sam Sam

The place to be for a late breakfast, a cup of coffee with the newspaper or a magazine, a glass of Grolsch or soda on the terrace, a simple or luxurious lunch, a high-tea with all sorts of home-made treats, and diner or dish-of-the-day before or after visiting the theatre or cinema.


Big Belly’s Tavern

Just around the corner from the Oude Markt is this pleasant tavern where you can relax in a living-room atmosphere, and enjoy the Irish kitchen accompanied with a good pint of Guinness. Dishes from the original Irish kitchen show a lot of similarities with traditional Dutch cuisine and delicacies from Twente. At Big Belly’s tavern they created a wonderful combinations of these elements. You can savour a typical Irish Stew, a proper Fish ‘n Chips, but also Dutch ‘Stamppot’ (a Dutch version of mashed potatoes with vegetables and sometimes accompanied with a stew or meat) or a hearty soup. And of course, to top it all off, you can end your diner with a good Irish Bread and Butter pudding ór a classic Dutch desert.


Eetcafé CP

Eetcafé CP is a pleasant café and bistro. There is a large menu to choose from but you can also choose a ‘daghap’ (daily menu) that is renewed every two weeks. Additionally there is a lunch menu and a snack menu, for when you’re a bit peckish or when the kitchen is closed and you still crave for a ‘bittergarnituur’ or bread and dips. The heated terrace, right across the splendid Jacobuschurch is opened throughout the year.


Eetcafé Atrium

The cuisine is French-Dutch orientated at ‘Eetcafé Atrium’. There is a relaxed and cosy atmosphere here in this living room style restaurant, and it offers seats for up to a 100 people and can be reserved for groups up to 40 people. Famed for their ‘finger licking good’ spareribs; the rest of the menu consists of an excellent range of dishes, also with vegetarian options. Next to that, there are also various seasonal specials. Eetcafé Atrium is located in one of the convivial streets spreading out from ‘de Oude Markt’ and is the ideal spot for a ‘daghap’ (daily special), spareribs with a nice beer or a multiple course diner with a good glass of wine.



Especially superbly spread sandwiches! Willemientje has been around for more than 30 years and has developed quite a name for itself in Enschede and the region. Named after Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, the longest reigning monarch in Dutch history. Opening at 9 am, you can start your day with a nice cappuccino or a cup of tea. Staying at Willemientje is comfortable, cosy and warm, the perfect location for breakfast, lunch or a drink. During summer it is also nice to spend time on the terrace at the front or perhaps the enclosed courtyard that offers a space of peace and serenity right in the middle of the city centre. The menu offers a choice of delicious sandwiches and salads. There is also a wide pick of pastry and cakes. Willemientje also caters to parties.


Tapasbar El Corru

The tapas at El Corru not only have that authentic Spanish flavour from Spain, but also a personal touch from the Aristayeta family. At Tapasbar El Corru you feel the warmth, sincerity and sociability during diner that you might have experienced in Spain. In the birthplace of Manuel Aristayeta, Comillas, there is a convivial public square where the villagers meet; El Corru. Comillas is located in the North-Spanish province of Cantabria. Manuel grew up here and spend his youth in happy memories and fun. But the most important thing he learned was to enjoy the Spanish dished served on El Corru. The method of preparing these traditional recipes (tapas) Manuel took with him to Enschede so you can enjoy them in his own tapasbar, aptly named El Corru, what else!



Japanese restaurant TAO is in walking distance of Enschede Central Station. The interior in Japanese-Asian style will make you feel right at home. There is a sushi bar where you can watch the sushi-chef at work, making fresh sushi and sashimi. Whether you are a newcomer to the Japanese kitchen or a true sushi connoisseur, the sushi bar at TAO is the place to be. If you are looking for a truly authentic sushi experience there are 3 so called ‘tatami pits’ where you sit and dine at the same level. Make sure to take of your shoes before entering the tatami pit!



The ingredients of the good life take the main lead at Fellini, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, diner or for a clubnight. It owes its name to Federico Fellini, one of the most remarkable directors of the 20th century. And not only because Fellini is located in a former cinema, but also because it contains many of the elements to a good movie. The only difference being that you, as a guest, write the scenario. Fellini provides the backdrop. Like the entourage that entices you to sharpen your senses, the attention to detail and of course the suspense that builds as the day moves into the night…


‘t Bölke

Party centre ‘t Bölke has a discothèque, dancing café and a sauna. With top end DJ’s, upcoming talent and the newest audio-visual gadgets the discothèque not only provides a hot sound but also a light- and laser show that is unprecedented in its kind. So it is with good reason that ’t Bolke is voted one of the most favourite nightclubs in the Benelux year after year. Complete with a stylish interior and a professional staff ‘t Bolke truly is the place to be.


Aspen Valley

Aspen Valley is the party café of Enschede and beyond. It’s happening here and you want to be there for it! A party or a night out is a true experience here! A well known focus point is the rotating bar, staffed by enthusiastic barmen and professional flair- and cocktail shakers. And throughout the evening you’ll hear the hottest tracks of the moment.