Enschede is a true musical city. With the Nationaal Muziekkwartier (lt. National Music Quarter) Enschede has a beautiful music- and theatre stage at its disposal. Six cultural institutions are housed under one roof; the Wilminktheatre, Muziekcentrum Enschede, Metropool Enschede, the Nationale Reisopera and the Nederlands Symphony Orchestra. Offering a wide variety of classical and contemporary, rock and musical and soul and jazz. The extraordinary combination of copper and glass make the Muziekkwartier an architectonical point of interest.


Next to this there are a number of smaller and more intimate theatres and cinemas. The many art galleries and exhibitions, where all varieties of visual arts are reflected, complete the cultural diversity.


For a complete overview of the activities in the area of Arts & Culture go to www.uitinenschede.nl/kunst-en-cultuur (only available in Dutch).