Rondje Enschede

Right on the fringe of Enschede, where the urban area ends, a remarkable and diverse landscape begins with several hiking- and cycling routes. One of the many exploration routes around Enschede is ‘Rondje Enschede’ (lt; ‘around Enschede’). An adventurous hiking-  and/or cycling route of approximately 52 km around Enschede, crossing right through the green ‘lungs’ of the city.


There are several activities and things to see along the route. It connects significant resting points and stops with each other like for example a tea garden, a ‘Klimbos’ (lt; climbing forest), a fishing pond and art galleries. You can discover these unique spots, exceptional activities and beautiful stops during your round of Enschede.


The route of ‘Rondje Enschede’ is available at the Tourist Info Enschede Points and several participants of the route. Cyclists, hikers and in-line skaters use this route for small excursions in the neighbourhood or larger trips. Transferring to other existing cycling- and hiking routes from the ‘Rondje Enschede’ route is also possible.


Go on a hiking- and/or cycling adventure and discover the exquisite natural, cultural, play- and resting spots around Enschede!



De signs indicating the route of ‘Rondje Enschede’ is part of ‘het Wandelnetwerk Twente’ (lt: Hiking network Twente) as a peripheral route with recognisable signposts. ‘Rondje Enschede’ can be recognized by the white and green arrow on a metal plate. The route covers a distance of 40 kilometres around Enschede, 52 kilometres including the village of Boekelo, and winds along de stunning green areas surrounding the city. Included in the route are two interconnecting routes that allow cyclists and hikers to take a separate tour around the villages of Boekelo (+12 kilometres) and Glanerbrug (+10 kilometres).