On your own

The advantages of living on your own is the freedom and usually also the space that you have. Many students who choose to live on their own rent an apartment alone or together with a friend. You are in charge of your own and are less bound to others. In addition, you do not need to share the toilet and bathroom with many roommates. If you do not live in a students’ house, it does not mean that you are not part of life as a student. There are plenty of other places where you can keep up with your social contacts!

If you would like to live on your own, it is best to search via housing corporations, but the ‘SJHT’ (‘Stichting Jongerenhuisvesting Twente’, foundation for youthhousing in Twente) and ‘de Veste’ (rental housing organisation) also offer possibilities for renting an apartment. De Veste mainly aims at the campus, but also has a few apartments in the city centre.


Council housing
When you are looking for an apartment with a friend or alone, it is best to look for a place at a housing cooperation. It differs per housing cooperation if you can get priority when you have been registered for a longer time, so check the offer and register at the housing cooperation that appeals to you. Registration is often free.


R.K. Woningstichting Ons Huis (RC rental housing organization)

Telephone:      +31-(0)53-4848900

E-mail:            [email protected]

Website:         www.onshuis.com (in Dutch)


Woningcorporatie De Woonplaats (housing cooperation)

Telephone:      +31-(0)900-9678 (local tariff)

E-mail:            [email protected]

Website:         www.de-woonplaats.nl (in Dutch)


Woningcorporatie Domijn (housing cooperation)

Telephone:      +31-(0)900-3350335

E-mail:            [email protected]

Website:         www.domijn.nl (in Dutch)


‘Stichting Jongerenhuisvesting Twente’ (foundation for youth housing in Twente) rents out rooms and apartments to youth between 18 and 30 years. The advantage of SJHT is that they offer students’ houses as well as private accommodation. They have built three new blocks of housing property in the newly built district Roombeek, close to the centre. You can register through the website for a small fee.



Telephone:      +31-(0)53-4320437

E-mail:            [email protected]

Website:         www.sjht.nl


Private houses
Besides the regular channels, there are also rooms you can rent in private houses. A number of these can be found at www.kamernet.nl or www.pararius.com . What usually helps is to ask as many friends and acquaintances as possible to be on the look-out for you.