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Enschede, a great city for students

Welcome to the Enschede Student City website. Here you will find all the information you need about student life in the city of Enschede. From enjoyable cafes to the large market, from fun student houses to sports clubs and cultural associations.

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  • Living

    Looking for a place to stay? In Enschede there is enough space, so you will quickly find a room that suits you. Another advantage, with respect to other university cities, are the low prices for relatively large rooms. There are a number of possibilities. You can choose a students’ house or a private house. You can also choose between living at the campus or in the city centre.

  • Everyday

    As a hospitable shopping city, Enschede has the most varied range of shops in the East of the Netherlands. The weekly market attracts many visitors and the heart of the city has a lot to offer. On and around the “Oude Markt” there are a lot of nice cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, Enschede has plenty of parking facilities and is very easy to get to by car and public transport.

  • Studying

    With its 22,000 students and its many places of entertainment, Enschede is a lively university city. And you are at the right place for study possibilities in Enschede. There is a great diversity of studies at the University of Twente, Saxion and ArtEZ institute of the arts. From pop academy to technology and from psychology to economy, the study of your choice will certainly be available. Many of the offered studies are very popular with international students.

  • Associations

    Enschede has a rich club life. Students’ associations are of course widely known, but there are also sports clubs and cultural associations especially for students. There are no less than 36 sport clubs and 18 cultural associations, with more than 4,000 active students. Within all the clubs and associations, the social character is of great importance One thing is for sure, at every club you will find fellow students with the same interest or hobby.

    Besides being a member of a club or association and going for a drink, training or theatre course, you can often make an active contribution by organising activities for you and your fellow students. Would you like to organise a boat race as well as a gala for your sports club, or set up your own activity? It’s all possible!

  • Going out

    Enschede offers a variety of bars and restaurants on and around the Oude Markt. More than 50 events are organised in the city every year. One of these is ‘Grolsch Summer Sounds’; four summery Thursday evenings of music, show and entertainment. Moreover, there is a great Introduction Concert, which draws 6,000 students every year. But also ‘GOGBOT’, the largest multimedia art festival of the Netherlands, takes place in Enschede annually. You can find all kinds of restaurants, pubs, student societies and hip places of entertainment, which makes Enschede popular among students – especially on Thursday, the traditional student night. You will not lack anything in culture either: there are various theatres, cinemas, music stages, museums and galleries to stimulate your senses.

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