Transboundary cycling route between Enschede and Gronau

Enschede Promotie collaborated with Stadtmarketing Gronau to develop a cycling route between the two cities of Enschede in the Netherland and Gronau in Germany, just across the border. The route leads through both cities, but also along the beautiful nature that spans between them.


Textile is literally woven into the history of Enschede, and forms the bond between this city and the neighbouring city of Gronau. Both cities feature a wide number of locations that have a link with the history of the textile industry and with the future of innovative textile applications.


Cycling the route gives you a view across the border. Along the way you pass historical villas, city-parks founded by the textile lords of old and former textile factories. Grab a bike and discover all about the fabric that makes up the history of these two cities. The route is approximately 30 kilometres long and takes about two hours.


The route can be collected at one of the Tourist Info Points.