Enschede starts new promotional campaign in Germany

On Friday the 1st of July, in the German city of Essen, a new campaign was launched by the city of Enschede. With the use of a specially designed ‘Enschede’-tram, the goal is to attract more visitors from the German region of Nordrhein Westfalen to the city of Enschede.


The tram will be visible in streets of the city of Essen for at least a year. During the festive launch of the tram, a promotional team from the city of Enschede surprised passers-by with goody-bags and the famous Dutch ‘stroopwafel’. In coordination with the InterCity hotel chain, a giveaway was organised, where people can win a weekend get-away in the city of Enschede.


In addition to the publicity the tram will generate, further exposure will be achieved by focussing on online marketing in the Euregio (the cross-border region between the Netherlands and Germany) and the Nordrhein Westfalen region. The target audience mainly orientates itself online before making a visit to a Dutch city. Furthermore, the campaign includes a direct mailing and providing information to German visitors to the city of Enschede.