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Historic female winner Enschede Marathon

For the first time, in the almost 70 year history of the Enschede Marathon, a woman was the first to cross the finish line before the men. Sarah Jebet from Kenia was the winner in the over-all rankings of the marathon held on Sunday the 17th of April, and even established a new course-record, finishing with a time of only 2 hours, 27 minutes and 59 seconds.

This year the organisation chose to put the spotlight on female runners. It was a bit exciting whether or not a female runner would also be the winner, after the Dutch (male) runner, Erik Sanders, had been in the lead with a 1,5 minute lead. But during the second leg of the race, the females slowly but surely caught up.

Next to the main event, there also were a Kids Run of 1 kilometre, and 5 and 10 kilometre adult runs, as well as half a marathon distance. The weather conditions were favourable; overall dry conditions and not too warm, allowing the runners to achieve some impressive results.

The overall rankings of the Enschede Marathon can be found on their website.

Source: the Twentse Courant Tubantia


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Students create concept for tracing a vehicle abroad

45 students originating from 16 different countries dug into questions posed to them by businesses during the Challenge Day. The students worked together in teams composed of various disciplines, handling questions from companies such as Tauw, Dealerdirect, Kobate, GPI Consultancy and Yalp. The team from Dealerdirect won the challenge with their idea of using an app to trace vehicles abroad. This way, it is easier to check if a vehicle has been delivered to the buyer abroad. The team won 500 euros with their concept.


International student valuable for the labour market

International students who stay to work in the Netherlands after graduating, offer a golden opportunity for the region. They bring an experience and a network and have knowledge about doing business in the Netherlands and the Dutch culture. Therefor it is important to bind these international talents to the region.


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Saxion students design virtual tour for DEMCON

This week, approximately 1200 (international) students worked on dozens of questions originating from several businesses. A jury, consisting of regional businesses, chose the virtual tour that DEMCON can deploy at congresses, as the winning solution. With the so called Virtual Information Point (VIP) a visitor can explore the core business of DEMCON and at the same time, DEMCON can gain information about the visitor.


The winning project group consisted of Dutch and German students from different educational directions; Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Business Economics and Industrial Product Design.


Helping businesses solve problems

During the International Project Week, students from several engineering and business academies ánd high school students work together to find solutions for practical problems presented to them by businesses. These were mainly innovative projects where a fresh look was necessary. Last years results actually lead to innovation and/or improvement with the clients.


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Twente region featured during Amsterdam Light Festival

To promote art and nanotechnology from the Twente region in the west of the Netherlands, the region will be officially featured at the prestigious Amsterdam Light Festival from the 28th of November till the 17th of January. During this annual festival, contemporary (international) artist transform the Dutch capital into an actual ‘light-city’.


As an initiative from the Twentse Ambassade Amsterdam (the Twente Region Embassy in Amsterdam), artist Bianca Leusink and scientist Dave Blank will present the symbol of nano-technology, the Bucky Ball, as a light sculpture during the festival. The sculpture will be placed in the Herengracht in front of the embassy building. Additionally there will be an exposition inside the embassy showing designs from students from Saxion University and the University of Twente


Students from Industrial Product Design (Saxion) and Industrial Design (University of Twente) offer a special insight into the world of design during the exposition ‘Twents Design’. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. You’ll be able to see how the students utilise their technical and creative expertise to design innovative consumer products.



The six-sided panels in the sculpture present images from the field of nano-technology from the research institution of the University of Twente; MESA+. According to MESA+ director Janneke Hoedemaekers: “This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Nano lab, nanotechnology has been utilised in the Twente Region for 25 years AND the University of Twente and Saxion University have joined forces this year in the field of micro- and Nano-technology. An excellent moment to emphasise all these developments in this manner.”


Bianca Leusink

The five-sided panels in the sculpture contain the art of Bianca Leusink. The artist from Twente has picked work that creatively enhances and connects the images from the Nano-technology. Bianca Leusink started painting in 1998. She always starts het works without even a sketch and channels her energy through the paint. She has her own gallery in Ootmarsum.


The project is sponsored by the University of Twente / MESA+, Saxion University, Twente Get Connected, and realised with the help of the business industry in the Twente Region; Mondice Reclame, UCQ Led Concepts, Busschers Staalwerken and Bolk Transport.



The Amsterdam Light Festival takes place from the 28th of November till the 17th of January 2016. The sculptures can be viewed by foot and from the water. From the 26th of November till the 27th of December, the student exhibition can be viewed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening and during the Christmas Holidays at the embassy located at the Herengracht 450.


Further information about the sculpture, the artist, Nano-technology, opening hours and the exposition can be found at


Twente Region Embassy

The Twentse Ambassade Amsterdam was officially opened on the 25th of September and aims to facilitate business connections between entrepreneurs from the Twente Region and from Amsterdam.


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University of Twente receives subsidies to create the European purchasing curriculum

The University of Twente is funded by the European Commission in the context of the Erasmus+ program for the project PERFECT („Purchasing Education and Research for European Competence Transfer“). In a competitive environment, the application scored 95 from 100 possible points. According to the committee: “The internationally designated project team has an ideal composition made up of new and experienced partners which is favourable for collaboration within the scope of EU-supported projects.” One of the partners comes from Lappeenranta University of Technology, which is also Twente’s partner in the new double degree programme of the MSc BA profile “Purchasing and Supply”. The other partners are from Dortmund and Mainz (Germany), as well as from Staffordshire (United Kingdom). Prof. Holger Schiele (Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies, IGS), is glad: “Project PERFECT will not only consolidate our leading position in purchasing education and science, but this first European project is a big achievement for the entire Business Administration group in Twente, which is increasingly gaining international recognition.”


The fundamental goal of PERFECT is the formulation of a pan-European purchasing curriculum. In contrast to the status quo in other disciplines, no standardized curriculum on university level for the training of future purchasers is to be found worldwide. The project provides many opportunities European enterprises, who spend more than half of their turnover on supplies. In addition, many suppliers have their offices abroad and a pan-European orientation in connection with the Erasmus+ program offers the chance to directly prepare students for activities in an international environment. The project will make it easier for students to acquire qualifications in the field of purchasing in different institutions because of improved coordination.


To ensure broad dissemination of the results, the project partners work closely with the two international associations IPSERA (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association) and IFPSM (International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management).




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Exhibition exchange artists Dalian

After a month living and working in Enschede, Cheng Liang and Han Xi will end their period in Enschede with an exhibition. During their stay they created new series of works. Cheng Liang will present a series of paintings inspired by the surroundings and city of Enschede. Han Xi will show some paintings in his typical blue colour as well as conceptual art. They will show their works at XPO, a new exhibition space at Roombeek Enschede in association with Edwin Dertien.


Cheng Liang is a painter and manager at the Zhongshan museum at Dalian. Han Xi is an artist in conceptual and installation art. Both artists will stay until the end of August. These artist are part of a yearly artist exchange-programme between Enschede and Dalian (China), Dalian being the sister-city of Enschede. The exchange-programme started in 2014 with the artists David Scheidler (Enschede) and Tom Wang (Dalian).


With this artist exchange-programme both cities realize the wish to work together in both artistic and cultural ways.


The programme is initiated by the city boards of Enschede and Dalian, but also in cooperation with art schools and cultural institution from both cities. This year Hanan Klei has been selected to live and work for a period at the residency in a representative of Enschede.


The opening will take place Thursday 13 August 2015 at 16:00, with at 17:00 an official opening by Jeroen Hatenboer.


The exhibition is open until the 23th of August (closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

Opening times are from 11:00 – 17:00.



Stroinkbleekweg 2

7523 ZL Enschede.


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Hitchbot on vacation in Enschede

Canada’s first hitchhiking robot, hitchBOT, will be staying for a vacation in the Netherlands. hitchBOT will stay in the city of Enschede for three weeks, returning to Canada on June 24. During its holiday, hitchBOT will be introduced to some of Twente’s most notable arts and culture locations, including the Roombeek area in Enschede, the art villages Diepenheim and Ootmarsum, and Twickel Castle.


Along with its co-creators, Dr. David Harris Smith (McMaster University) and Dr. Frauke Zeller (Ryerson University), hitchBOT is looking forward to the robot’s engagement in popular events in Twente, such as the Twente Biënnale, Kunst in het Volkspark or Midzomerfeest Mariënheem. Almost every town and village in Twente has its own summer event; hitchBOT will have plenty of opportunities to visit all these events thanks to friendly hosts from the region of Twente.


hitchBOT’s ability to converse with humans is thanks to Cleverscript speech technology, which allows hitchBOT to answer questions about where it comes from or its favourite pastimes. hitchBOT’s co-creators Dr. Frauke Zeller and Dr. David Harris Smith originally developed the collaborative art and science project to see whether robots could trust humans. Its family consists of an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the fields of media arts, engineering, computer science, and communication.


Fans can follow hitchBOT’s journey online on its website, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. hitchBOT also invites users to share their hitchhiking stories and pictures using #hitchbot on Twitter and Instagram.


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Memphis wants to strengthen ties with Enschede

The city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA (population 655.00), wants to have a more intense cooperation with the city of Enschede. Mayor A C Wharton Jr declared the 23rd of April ‘Enschede Partnership Day’. This was announced during the opening-party of ‘Memphis Heart ‘n Soul’, a four day music festival that took place during the Pentecost weekend in Enschede.


The city of Memphis already kept a close connection with Enschede during the last century, which, at the time, was considered one of the mayor textile cities in Europe. After WWII the city of Memphis send relief aid to its heavily affected sister-city.



The ties between these two cities have now been renewed through music. Mayor A C Wharton Jr was supposed to open the festival in Enschede on Friday night, but was unable due to the funeral of blues legend B.B. King. Deputy mayor of Memphis Jack Sammons attended the festival in his stead.



A talent show was held during the festival. The Road Home was one of six local bands who entered into the competition and eventually took home the first prize: the first Heart ‘n Soul award and a trip to the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis for a chance to record in the same studio where Elvis started his career.


Photographs of the event can be found on their Facebook page.