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Transboundary cycling route between Enschede and Gronau

Enschede Promotie collaborated with Stadtmarketing Gronau to develop a cycling route between the two cities of Enschede in the Netherland and Gronau in Germany, just across the border. The route leads through both cities, but also along the beautiful nature that spans between them.


Textile is literally woven into the history of Enschede, and forms the bond between this city and the neighbouring city of Gronau. Both cities feature a wide number of locations that have a link with the history of the textile industry and with the future of innovative textile applications.


Cycling the route gives you a view across the border. Along the way you pass historical villas, city-parks founded by the textile lords of old and former textile factories. Grab a bike and discover all about the fabric that makes up the history of these two cities. The route is approximately 30 kilometres long and takes about two hours.


The route can be collected at one of the Tourist Info Points.


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Whatsapp service Enschede

Enschede Promotie launches a new initiative to provide tourists with information about the city: a Whatsapp service. Visitors and residents can contact the service from Monday to Sunday from 09.00 – 20.00 for various questions and tips about leisure in the city. Enschede Promotie will answer questions in Dutch, German and English as soon as possible.


With this service, Enschede Promotie wants to showcase the city as a welcoming and modern city that provides visitors and residents with information about activities in a variety of options. A service such as this fits with the modern day technology and provides customised information. People can ask, for example, about shopping tips, which events take place during the day in the city or where they can have a bite to eat in the evening.


Enschede Promotie already answers questions on Facebook and their website. With the addition of the Whatsapp service Enschede Promotie hopes to optimise the hospitality and information supply.


The number on which the service can be reached is +31 (0) 658813211


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University and Embassy try to attract students from the west

The University of Twente and the Embassy for the Twente region in Amsterdam are collaborating to attract students from classes 5 and 6 VWO to continue their studies in Twente. In order to achieve this, a so called “Pop-up University” is being set up where several activities are being organised for specific student groups.


During the year, the University of Twente has two “open-days” where (incoming) students can get to know the University. The number of students attending the University in 2016 has increased with 25% against the previous year. With this increase, Twente University belongs to one of three largest growing University in the Netherlands. The main reason for this increase is the additional inflow of foreign students. From these same numbers, it appears that students from the west of the Netherlands is limited.


“We’ve noticed that students from the west of the Netherlands don’t really focus on other parts of the country such as the east. Which is a shame. Since we have a number of study courses that are not available in the western part of the Netherlands”, says the spokesman of the University of Twente, Erik van Dijk. “With this Pop-up University we try to show the students the possibilities we have in the East-Netherlands.”


Twente Embassy brings Twente closer

The first activity of the Pop-up University will take place at the Twente Embassy located on the Herengracht 450 in Amsterdam. “Right in the city centre, and approachable”, says director Danny the Vries of the Twente Embassy. “At this location, students can have a taste of studying in Twente, close to home. This ties in with what we are trying to accomplish at the embassy here in Amsterdam. To bring Twente closer.”




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Pre-symposium VeerStichting

Laptops, tablets, smartphones: Today we can connect to everyone, everywhere within a few seconds. Through this global connection we have acces to every recent development and to let our own opinion be heard. Despite this global connection, society seems to disintegrate into several separate clusters that distinguish themselves with ‘indisputable’ stances: Nationalists versus globalists, religion versus atheism, ethnic clashes or just a heated discussion. Polarization can be found on a much greater scale these days. Although we are more connected than ever before, it looks as if we’re not on the same page anymore. OFF-LINE: Are you still connected?


The focus of this evening is on the technological developments in the area of information supply, questioning whether we can look to the future without worry. Are we OFF-LINE as a society?


Lecturers and poets will approach this question from a political, ethical and social stance, after which there is room for discussion on how to counter this dissension. It will be an interesting and interactive adventure filled with provocative lectures and inspiring intermezzi. At the same time, information will be provided about the Veerstichting and how you can enroll as a student for the two-day symposium taking place in September. The event will conclude with an option to socialize while enjoying a drink sponsored by Novel-T.


Want to stay up to date about the lecturers, chair-people and interludes of the night? Check out the Facebook event.


We hope to welcome you to this event, accessible for all students in Enschede!


19:30 entry with coffee and/or tea
20:00 start programme
22:00 conclusion and drinks


When: Wednesday 29 March, 20:00-22:00, entry 19:30.
For who: All students in Enschede
Where: Raadzaal Enschede (Langestraat 24) close to de Oude Markt
Costs: Nothing at all!


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Winter Wonderland Enschede 2016

‘Walking in a winter wonderland…’ The Christmas-hit comes to live during the month of December in the city of Enschede. From the 10th of December until the 8th of January, the city centre warmly welcomes you to the activities surrounding our favourite holidays.


Ice rink

Come and have a twirl at the traditional ice rink set up on the Oude Markt, the Enschede’s most iconic square, right in the middle of the city centre. And afterwards you can warm yourself up with a nice hot chocolate milk or mulled wine in the ‘Skate Café’ located right next to the ice rink. When the winter darkness sets in, the Oude Markt will lit up with hundreds of Christmas lights.


Long Lane of Love

Love blooms at the Langestraat, aptly renamed ‘the Long Lane of Love’ during the month of December, complete with hugging trees, a love padlock wall and love quotes. Take a seat with you loved one under the mistletoe on the ‘heart-bench’ and share a little holiday love!


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

The Reindeer family will occupy their usual spot the square in front of city hall at, and they cordially invite you to take a seat in their sleigh for a special Winter Wonderland photo.

But hang on… Is the family complete? Where is Rudy? The youngest of the bunch has quite a mind of his own! You just might run into him on other locations in the city…


Christmas Wishing Tree

New this year is the Christmas Wishing Tree in city hall. Leave your personal wish (or one for someone else) in the tree and you might win one of the four Enschede gift bags (worth € 50,-). One winner will be announced each week.


‘Twentse Ros’ at Stationsplein

A new eye catcher during the Winter Wonderland festivities is a 6,5 meter high ‘Twentse Ros’ decorated with 2400 sparkling LED lights. Het Twentse Ros is a white steed, symbolising the region of Twente.


For a complete overview of all the activities during Winter Wonders go to (only available in Dutch).


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Future Young Entrepreneurs

Ten students of het Kottenpark College in Enschede were selected for the final of the Future Young Entrepreneurs project in Berlin, starting this Saturday.


In Berlin, they will be competing with students from Indonesia, Romania, Malawi, India, Germany and Vietnam. At the end of the week, a panel consisting of young entrepreneurs from all over Europe, will decide on the wining team, earning them the title of Best Future Young Entrepreneurs.


To prepare for the challenge, the students developed their knowledge on the subject with theoretical modules on ‘design thinking’, drafting a business plan, intercultural communication and presentation techniques. In an exciting semi-final, they qualified to represent the Netherlands in Berlin.


The competition is funded by the German Goethe Institute and the European Commission. The aim of the project is to stimulate young students in the area of entrepreneurship.




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Enschede starts new promotional campaign in Germany

On Friday the 1st of July, in the German city of Essen, a new campaign was launched by the city of Enschede. With the use of a specially designed ‘Enschede’-tram, the goal is to attract more visitors from the German region of Nordrhein Westfalen to the city of Enschede.


The tram will be visible in streets of the city of Essen for at least a year. During the festive launch of the tram, a promotional team from the city of Enschede surprised passers-by with goody-bags and the famous Dutch ‘stroopwafel’. In coordination with the InterCity hotel chain, a giveaway was organised, where people can win a weekend get-away in the city of Enschede.


In addition to the publicity the tram will generate, further exposure will be achieved by focussing on online marketing in the Euregio (the cross-border region between the Netherlands and Germany) and the Nordrhein Westfalen region. The target audience mainly orientates itself online before making a visit to a Dutch city. Furthermore, the campaign includes a direct mailing and providing information to German visitors to the city of Enschede.


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Hotel Robot Hugo visits Enschede

Thursday the 16th of June, Hampshire Hotel de Broeierd will get a visit from quite a special employee; Robot Hugo. This 57 cm tall and charming robot is on tour and is making the acquaintance of his colleagues in Enschede. Hampshire Hotels have a special scoop in the Dutch Hotel branche by introducing this hotel-robot. Hugo speaks nineteen different languages, has special facial recognition software, greets visitors and provides assistance at the check-in desk.


For more information, visit the Hampshire Hotel website.