Keys to success

Why is Enschede the perfect city for your event? We give the three trumps of Enschede as a congress-city.


1. The enticing entourage of a knowledge sector that knows it’s business. With the University of Twente (UT) and Saxion University as the driving force. Both the UT and the surrounding Kennispark (lt. knowledge-park), with innovative businesses and spin-offs, is internationally acclaimed for their power to turn know-how and technology into pioneering practical applications.


2. The ideal mix of excitement, serenity and space. No matter the intensity of the programme you offer your guests, they will have plenty of opportunities to relax and recharge themselves in between activities. Either actively or passively. On their own, or with a group. In the bustling city life, or in the tranquillity of nature that is always within reach. Enschede offers everything you expect in a major city, but stress free! Thanks to this combination of excitement, serenity and space, your guests will return home with more than just information.


3. A nose for networking. The region of Twente has a high ‘network density’. Many entrepreneurs and businesses have a long and rich history. Networking has been in our blood for generations. This unfolds itself into an excellent facilitation of your business meeting. We know what it involves to bring people together in a relaxed and inspiring environment, aimed at a flawless exchange of information and insights.