The city of Enschede is where innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit find each other. High-end theoretical knowledge is transferred into practical applications. The fact that every year 50 to 60 new start-ups and over 700 spin-offs of the University of Twente are realised should speak for itself. Especially spin-offs that originate from MESA+ (nanotechnology) and MIRA (biomedical technology) are strongly represented. At ‘Kennispark Twente’ (Knowledge Park Twente) innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. With cutting edge end products that find their way onto the national and international market. Today, over 380 companies have settled in on ‘Kennispark Twente’ and is rightly named the biggest innovation campus in the Netherlands.


Innovative entrepreneurs see Enschede as an attractive location to settle due to the presence of the knowledge industry, the high standard working locations and high living quality.