Twente in general

The inhabitants of the region Twente are called ‘Twentenaren’ or, more informal, ‘Tukkers’. The region has a reputation as an area of scientific en economical innovation, due to the presence of the University of Twente. The (inter)national fame of local football club FC Twente among other things also adds to the positive reputation of the region.


These days Twente is seen as a pleasant and cosy region where one can find tranquillity, space and nature. It also offers a range of campings and bungalowparcs, making the tourist sector an important source of income for the region.


The region knows a cultural phenomenon known as ‘noaberschap’. This means that neighbours play an important role during key events in life. Even in daily life a close relationship with your neighbours is important. From lending the traditional cup of sugar, to exchanging knowledge and advice. Therefore a good ‘noaber’ or neighbour is better than a far away friend (Dutch proverb).



In relationship to this, all the municipalities in the region of Twente work very close together in a collaboration called ‘Regio Twente’ (Twente Region) in the areas of traffic, transport, economic affairs, public health and tourism.

For more information visit the website of Regio Twente.