Enschede is a city of knowledge and education. With the University of Twente and ‘Kennispark Twente’ (lt. Knowledge Park Twente), the city is internationally acclaimed for their ability to transfer theoretical knowledge into high end practical applications. Next to these institutions, the city also has Saxion University of Applied Sciences, a conservatory, a pop academy, an international school and an art academy. It is the epicentre of music and culture in the east of the Netherlands, with a splendid range of shops and boutiques. All centred around the most convivial public square in the Netherlands lies de Oude Markt (lt. Old Market Square), surrounded by several cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs. Enschede is also home to the fantastic football club, FC Twente!


Enschede: a city to fall in love with, to call home, to work, study – a city to live. Where the future starts again, every day.