The Dutch speak directly and use a lot of eye contact. To a foreigner this may seem intimidating, especially in cultures where matters are discussed with extreme care and politeness, but it is the way the Dutch prefer to communicate. This is even more so in Dutch corporate society.


Almost no subject is taboo in conversation, as long as it is discussed in general. Someone’s personal affairs are usually off-limits, unless the person concerned brings up the matter him-/herself.


Dutch is a notoriously difficult language to master. Addressing the Dutch in their native language may result in a reply in English. Internationally, the Dutch are considered to be proficient at speaking foreign languages. According to a census, about 85% of Dutch people are able to speak reasonable English although the accent can be marked. The fluency differs from individual to individual.


Do you want to know more about the Dutch Language? Or perhaps have a go at learning it for yourself? This page offers information about learning.