Further reading

There are a number of informative and fun websites that give a good impression of Enschede in its former days.


The city back then

The Stichting Historische Sociëteit Enschede-Lonneker (Foundation for the Historical Society Enschede-Lonneker) is the biggest historical organization in Enschede. They concern themselves with the cultural history of the city and the surrounding townships of Lonneker, Boekelo, Usselo and Glanerbrug which, up until 1934, were all situated in the former municipality of Lonneker. The website of the Foundation can be found at www.shsel.nl (only available in Dutch).


Enschede in postcards and photographs

Born and raised Enschede resident Willem Jansen digitalised his personal collection of postcards depicting Enschede. Through these postcards you get a nice overview of the development in Enschede in the past 100 years. www.enschedeinansichten.nl (only available in Dutch)

Following the digitalization of his postcard collection, Willem Jansen regularly receives old photographs and images which he shares on http://www.enschedeinfotos.nl (only available in Dutch).


Rear view mirror

A website developed for, and made by people interested in Enschede. It is the place to share and secure information about the history of Enschede. Inhabitants of Enschede are offered the possibility to provide their own contribution or to respond or comment on stories and pictures that are shared by others. Achteruitkijkspiegel is Dutch for rear view mirror. www.achteruitkijkspiegel.nl (only available in Dutch).


Enschede City

On this website you’ll find an extensive collection of photographs, from past to present, that depict the city in its development. This also includes building plans that eventually never got realised. www.enschede-stad.nl (only available in Dutch).