Public Transport

The Dutch are generally well acquainted with the public transportation system, and a simple request for directions is generally answered in a fair amount of detail.


It is considered impolite not to greet the conductor when tickets are inspected. The conductor is also generally thanked when finished. It is customary to ask someone if one may sit next to them if the seat is occupied by their personal belongings. This request is rarely denied. The Dutch generally do not make light conversation with their fellow passengers if they are not acquainted, and may find an attempt to do so intrusive and unwanted. However, fellow passengers will generally answer simple questions relating to one’s trip (e.g. what the next stop is, or the platform of the departing train).


Loud mobile phone conversations in public are common, even in public transport, but considered rude by many. Quiet carriages have been introduced by the railways, marked by ‘stilte’ (silence) written on a horizontal sticker on the window and/or by the pictograms depicting no mobile phones or talking.


Accessibility by train

Enschede has four train stations. Next to Enschede Central Station there is also a train station at Enschede Kennispark (close to the University of Twente campus), Enschede Eschmarke and Glanerbrug. Enschede Central Station is easy to reach through multiple connections. Not only from the Netherlands but there is also a connection coming in from Germany. There are daily trains running from Enschede Central Station to Münster and Osnabrück.

  • Hourly line Enschede to Gronau-Münster(Germany)
  • Hourly line Enschede to Gronau-Dortmund (Germany) via Gronau and Coesfeld (Germany)


From Enschede Central Station there are excellent intercity-connections to Amersfoort, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Besides that there is also a train running to the northern part of the Netherlands with destination Zwollle twice every hour on weekdays and to the westerns part of the Netherlands with destination Apeldoorn/The Hague twice an hour.


After a switch on Hengelo Central Station you can transfer to the trains to Zutphen and Oldenzaal and the international train to Berlin (Germany). Up-to-date travel information can be found on the following websites: (travel information when travelling by train) (door to door travel information) (travel information for Germany)


Accessibility by bus

Enschede is easy to reach by bus and within the city you can travel virtually anywhere by bus. The busses are fast and reliable. Thanks to special bus lanes the frequency of busses is relatively high. During peak hours there are six to eight busses running every hour and on some connections there are fourteen busses running because of the combination of bus lines.


Special ‘Park & Ride’ locations are situated next to one of the main access motorways. Here you can park the entire day for € 3.00. This includes a free bus ride for up to five people to the city. You can park your car 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Transport by bus in Enschede is provided by Twents (part of Syntus), Arriva and Keolis.


Websites: (only available in Dutch) (only available in Dutch) (only available in Dutch)