Enschede is close to the eastern border of the Netherlands with Germany, about an hour and a half drive from Amsterdam (±160 kilometres/±100 miles). Because of that, the city represents a central position and forms a natural link between the Netherlands and Germany. Germany’s most important industrial area, the Ruhr District, is merely 100 kilometres away (±62 miles). Alongside what the city of Enschede itself has to offer, it offers the ideal position for a combined (business) visit to the Netherlands and Germany.


Enschede is situated along two mayor access roads, namely the A35 and the A1, making it easy to reach from every direction. The A1 is one of the main transit roads to Germany. In comparison to cities in the west of the Netherlands, it takes little to no time to reach the city centre in Enschede.


Next to the fact that Enschede is easy to reach by car, the public transport is excellent and reliable. Read more about the possibility to travel to and from the city, and inside its municipal borders, using public transport. If you want to know more about cycling routes, a popular Dutch pastime, you can also find it here.