Twente region featured during Amsterdam Light Festival

To promote art and nanotechnology from the Twente region in the west of the Netherlands, the region will be officially featured at the prestigious Amsterdam Light Festival from the 28th of November till the 17th of January. During this annual festival, contemporary (international) artist transform the Dutch capital into an actual ‘light-city’.


As an initiative from the Twentse Ambassade Amsterdam (the Twente Region Embassy in Amsterdam), artist Bianca Leusink and scientist Dave Blank will present the symbol of nano-technology, the Bucky Ball, as a light sculpture during the festival. The sculpture will be placed in the Herengracht in front of the embassy building. Additionally there will be an exposition inside the embassy showing designs from students from Saxion University and the University of Twente


Students from Industrial Product Design (Saxion) and Industrial Design (University of Twente) offer a special insight into the world of design during the exposition ‘Twents Design’. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. You’ll be able to see how the students utilise their technical and creative expertise to design innovative consumer products.



The six-sided panels in the sculpture present images from the field of nano-technology from the research institution of the University of Twente; MESA+. According to MESA+ director Janneke Hoedemaekers: “This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Nano lab, nanotechnology has been utilised in the Twente Region for 25 years AND the University of Twente and Saxion University have joined forces this year in the field of micro- and Nano-technology. An excellent moment to emphasise all these developments in this manner.”


Bianca Leusink

The five-sided panels in the sculpture contain the art of Bianca Leusink. The artist from Twente has picked work that creatively enhances and connects the images from the Nano-technology. Bianca Leusink started painting in 1998. She always starts het works without even a sketch and channels her energy through the paint. She has her own gallery in Ootmarsum.


The project is sponsored by the University of Twente / MESA+, Saxion University, Twente Get Connected, and realised with the help of the business industry in the Twente Region; Mondice Reclame, UCQ Led Concepts, Busschers Staalwerken and Bolk Transport.



The Amsterdam Light Festival takes place from the 28th of November till the 17th of January 2016. The sculptures can be viewed by foot and from the water. From the 26th of November till the 27th of December, the student exhibition can be viewed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening and during the Christmas Holidays at the embassy located at the Herengracht 450.


Further information about the sculpture, the artist, Nano-technology, opening hours and the exposition can be found at


Twente Region Embassy

The Twentse Ambassade Amsterdam was officially opened on the 25th of September and aims to facilitate business connections between entrepreneurs from the Twente Region and from Amsterdam.