Saxion students design virtual tour for DEMCON

This week, approximately 1200 (international) students worked on dozens of questions originating from several businesses. A jury, consisting of regional businesses, chose the virtual tour that DEMCON can deploy at congresses, as the winning solution. With the so called Virtual Information Point (VIP) a visitor can explore the core business of DEMCON and at the same time, DEMCON can gain information about the visitor.


The winning project group consisted of Dutch and German students from different educational directions; Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Business Economics and Industrial Product Design.


Helping businesses solve problems

During the International Project Week, students from several engineering and business academies ánd high school students work together to find solutions for practical problems presented to them by businesses. These were mainly innovative projects where a fresh look was necessary. Last years results actually lead to innovation and/or improvement with the clients.